Pet Friendly Frisco Apartments at Old Hickory Square

Looking for Your New Frisco Apartment Home, Look No Further! Old Hickory Square Can Meet the Needs for the Whole Family!!

Do you have a little fur baby that needs to accompany you to a new home? We would love your little furry companion and invite them to come along to live at Old Hickory Square. If you are currently a resident and seeking a pet to bring joy to your life, don’t wait, come on down to the office so we can welcome them home! Details for little critters can be seen on our website.


Your Dog Needs Friends Too!

Right down the road, Frisco’s Ruff Range Dog Park offers many wonderful opportunities for your dog to be social and put a little pep in those paws. Whether you have a small dog or big, they have their own area to play friends their size. Open from sunrise to sunset, closed Thursdays to keep the park in good maintenance. Get out and have some off-the-leash fun!

Keep those Tails Waggin’!

Just a street light away, Every Dog’s Day has it all! Your furry friend can enjoy the salon/ spa or even have some fun at the indoor swimming pool. The spa features services from brush-outs to even a mud bath, you pooch will be pampered and look refreshed. Your pup needs to exercise and be social just like you; the doggy daycare will provide excellent entertainment and even helps reduce separation anxiety. There are many play packs to choose from that will suit your dog’s personality.  In the event your vacation plans cannot allow your precious pet to come along, the luxury dog boarding hotel is the place for them! Offering the finest accommodations, you will not find kennels, crates, or concrete runs here; each guest suite offers a theme design, luxury bedding/accessories, room service, and select suites feature TV/DVD and web camera. While you’re away and they are checked into the hotel, they can enjoy the all of the services at the spa, sounds a vacation for everyone!


Treats Please!

If your fur baby is anything like mine, they are spoiled rotten. Only the best for my dog, that’s what Three Dog Bakery can give them! Three Dog Bakery offers a wide variety of treats for everyday or special treats for their diet “cheat day” along with yours. You can even find seasonal treats here too, many flavors for ice cream wafers (including cookie dough, yummy!) and assorted trays to gobble right up this summer. Does your pet have a special diet for sensitivities? You can find wheat free and natural food here, keeping your dog in the best of health and happy. If you pet’s birthday is around the corner, stop in and grab a cute gift bag filled with yummy treats and toys! Don’t leave your little kitty-cat out, there is plenty of treat for them here too, you can even buy in bulk, talk about a purr-fect treat for your little fur ball.

Do’s and Don’ts!

Just in case your dog loves snacks, there are some healthy options for them right in your cupboard and refrigerator. A few on the list are bananas, carrots, pears and spinach, they can enjoy these as often as they like. There are a few items that can be healthy in moderation; blueberries, cheese, broccoli, and apples. Of course when we are eating our own little snack and we happen to drop a little, these will not harm them but are not really recommended for their tummies; popcorn, almonds, and celery. Lastly, to really protect, here are some example of what they cannot have at all; grapes, chocolate, and gum. Let’s keep our furry friends healthy and away from a ruff-day at the vet.

shutterstock_246435367Keep Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco in mind when looking for your new home and all of our local spots for your fur babies. Call us today for more information (972) 712-2111.

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