Back To School At Old Hickory Square Apartments In Frisco, TX

It’s back to school time!!  The time has come for your fun summer to end and to open up those books again in your Frisco, TX Apartment.  The upcoming 2015-2016 school year is sure to be a great one!  You will be moving up a grade or maybe even starting at a new school but you will have the time of your life and make some really great friends while you learn a lot.  We have made the process easy for your parents with the below helpful information to get you off to a great school year in your Frisco, TX Apartment; Old Hickory Square.

shutterstock_79597915TAX FREE WEEKEND

It’s shopping season and tax free weekend is the most glorious event of the years!  We can go crazy!  We can finally fill our oversized walk-in closets in our one and two bedroom apartments in Frisco, TX!  Challenge accepted!  August 7 – 9 is the weekend to make all your school supplies and wardrobe dreams come true.  This weekend allows you to save on the sales tax spent for clothing, backpacks and school supplies as long as the item is under $100.  And just because we care so much about you, we have provided the links for the school supplies below for quick reference.  Now you have more time to get back down to our sparkling pool and relax before the chaos begins next year!  Ahhhh-mazing!

Bright Elementary School

Staley Middle School

Frisco High School


  shutterstock_94976017DRESS CODE

Picking out your first day of school outfit can be very exciting for your little ones (especially if you find a little gift for yourself).  Why not have some fun with this experience?!  Have your kiddos perform a fashion show the night before to choose the perfect outfit for the first day of school.

With back to school clothes shopping under way, being up to date with all the latest trends and styles are a must.  However, keeping within dress code is a very important factor.  Looking neat and well-groomed is meant to promote a positive learning environment, which includes accessories and hairstyles as well.   A few important examples of don’ts are: “sagging pants”, unnatural hair colors, body jewelry and under garments worn as outerwear.   Make sure you reference your Frisco ISD school dress code policy to make sure your child is following the rules!  Nobody wants a trip to the Principals office on day 1!

shutterstock_71855995SCHOOL HOURS

Let’s not start off late this year!  Getting to school on time can really start the day off great, forget that rushed feeling and be ready to learn!  Double check your new Frisco ISD school hours before you hit the road!  Detention can ruin your day quickly!  Consider having your kids enrolled into after school events or activities that provide an organized program which invites kids to participate outside of the traditional school day.  This will give them a chance to socialize and wear them out for a good night’s sleep.  Bonus!!

And make sure you know the bus routes and schedules just in case your big kid is a school bus rider!  Check your calendars and check them again!  Be organized, be ready, BE EXCITED!


Proper nutrients are very important to ensure a healthy development.  Specific dietary needs can be tricky to make sure your child has a meal fit for them.  Luckily, Frisco ISD offer a form to fill out so they are aware of your child’s needs.  Packing your children’s lunch is always a great option especially thanks to your Old Hickory Square chef-worthy, dream kitchens!  Space isn’t an issue in our rich hardwood cabinetry and ample counter-space and lunch snack storage is a breeze in expansive pantries.  You can save money as well as be sure your picky eater has a well-balanced meal.  Sometimes life’s pleasures get in the way while you’re enjoying your Frisco, TX Apartment numerous social events!  Be sure to review the Frisco ISD lunch menu with your child so you know which days are okay to send them with cash for a delicious and healthy school lunch!  It’s okay to relax, your home at Old Hickory Square.


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