Do It Yourself At Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco, TX

There can be many reasons to become a do it yourselfer or a crafter. Whether you make it your hobby, therapy to help stress/anxiety or even just to save money, your crafts will sure put the finishing touches in your spacious apartment home at Old Hickory Square in Frisco, Texas. Some may even find a true knack for it and make their own little Etsy shop. Having the knowledge and tools for doing things yourself may come in handy one day. For example; one day I had a little ant issue and didn’t have any spray, come to find out that you can combine vinegar, blue dawn soap and peppermint oil to rid your home of them. Talk about a last minute life saver, it worked like a charm and smelled minty fresh! You would be surprised what ideas you can come across to help your daily life just by using items you already have in your kitchen pantry at Old Hickory Square.

Hobby Lobby, Yes Please 


If you are a big time crafter, you probably spend plenty of time in this crafter’s paradise. They have it all with the best deals! You see all the cute décor you would love to have on your living room wall but really do not like the price tag, YOU CAN MAKE IT. It is that simple. You make a run into Hobby Lobby and load that cart up. I bet you will spend half of what that one little piece of décor costs. Once you really sit down and start, you cannot be pried away. Think how great you will feel when you are finished and know you made it with your own two hands.  Once it is up on your wall, all your friends will be talking about it!! Crafting can be a great hobby to bond with others too. My husband and I have had the best time crafting together to decorate our spacious apartment from the walls to little knickknacks above the cabinetry in the kitchen to show off our Vaulted Ceilings. No more fussing over what looks better, we both made it and love it.

Just Relax 


Life can bring many stresses to you. It is important to your health to have an outlet to reduce any stress or anxiety. If you are anything like me, working out is not your thing. I find so much relaxation in crafting. Putting all your focus on one thing and creating something can work wonders for your mind. You do not even have to limit yourself to only crafting; you can make your own home goods too. The main key is essential oils. You can make soaps, deodorants and even candles using your ample amount of counter top space in your open kitchen. Lavender oil will become your best friend if you really want the prefect calming aroma.

Make Your Wallet Happy


We all know how expensive life can get. Let’s give our wallets a little breather. Making your own stuff can really help with budget. You can find the best homemade essentials recipes from cleaning products to beauty products. I have found a wonderful cocktail of just blue dawn and white vinegar to scrub those tough spots right off the bathtub. A simple recipe of just tiny slices of lemons and limes in an ice tray filled with vinegar is perfect for a garbage disposal cleaner. Vinegar is basically the universal ingredient for homemade cleaning products. Coconut oil will be just as popular as the vinegar in your home. Almost every beauty product you can make will call for coconut oil. Your skin will really thank you. The greatest part of making your own products is you get more bang for your buck, this could be your new way to make income too.

I bet you are wondering where to find all these wonderful ideas and recipes; one word, PINTEREST. Pinterest is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to find anything and everything. You might just become a Pinterest addict; it will change your life and make your apartment at Old Hickory Square a talking point for your next dinner party with your friendly neighbors.

Why Choose Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco, TX


There are so many reasons to live at our Frisco, TX Apartments.   Exceptional customer service, remarkable amenities, comfortable one and two bedroom floorplans, modern interior finishes, and an unbeatable location! Old Hickory Square; we thought of everything just for you.  Contact us for more information and make Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco, Texas your next home!


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