Conserve Energy This Summer at your Frisco, TX Apartment

Summertime in Frisco, Texas can be absolutely miserable.  The summer heat isn’t the only thing that spikes up as we move deeper into summer.  You’ll quickly notice that as the temperatures rise, so do your electric bills.  Maybe you already know to turn off the lights when they’re not in use, but with a few additional tips, you can save much more!  The idea of conserving electricity means that you should only use it when necessary and always avoid wasting it.  Conserving electricity and saving money on your electricity bill is a lot easier than it seems even during the summer!  Take a look at these few suggestions to help you lower the cost of your electricity bill as we survive another hot summer at Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco, Texas.


Reducing Electricity Usage in Your Frisco Apartment

Blinded By The Light 

Use your curtains!  In the summer, keep those curtains shut in rooms where sunlight floods in to help keep the room stay cool.  Any curtains would help a little but curtains that offer a blackout system on one side are more likely to help with the savings.  Blackout curtains will keep the sun blocked at the same time as reducing the heat entering in your home.  The interior finishes at Old Hickory Square include large, well-placed windows that surround your home and we understand that you want to enjoy them!  If you are a lover of light, try to keep your window treatments open only during the morning hours when the sun isn’t at its strongest.

Switch Out Your Filter

Clean or change air filters frequently in order to maximize their effectiveness.  It is recommended that you switch out your AC filter every 45 to 60 days so that you can breathe easy.  This easily accomplished tip only takes a quick phone call or a momentary login to your online account to be completed.  You can contact the leasing office today at (972) 712-2111 or visit the online website to put in a service request to have your air filter changed out within 48 hours.  A dirty A/C filter will slow down air flow and make the system work harder to keep you cool.  At Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco, TX we are here to serve you!

Make It Easy

Use a programmable thermostat and take the stress out of your AC game.  Setting the thermostat to raise or lower the temperature while you’re not home can keep you from cooling a room when nobody is there!  Additionally, when you try to manually control your thermostat you could be losing in the long run.  It takes time and you can easily forget on the super hectic days.  You’ll find that your lifestyle at Old Hickory Square Apartments can be full of the conveniences you desire so make it easy on yourself.  Ask the leasing office today for a copy of the thermostat instructions if you are unsure how to program your thermostat.


Use your electronics wisely. UNPLUG your electronics when they are not in use as they do use electricity even if they are off!  A power strip could be useful to turn off all electronics when they are not in use because all you’d have to do is flip a single switch to start your saving.  If you’re a frequent laptop user, you could try using the laptop on a hard, flat surface, instead of a soft, cushy one.  This can help prevent blocked airflow that leads to overheating.

Chill Out

Launder everything in cold water!  At Old Hickory Square, your luxury apartment includes full-size washer and dryer connections.  It is estimated that washing clothes in cold water could save you $63 a year.  Did you know that ninety percent of the energy used by a top-loading washing machine is for heating water?  This will also save the hot water in your water heater which means longer, warmer showers and relaxing soaks in your oversized, garden-style bathtub for you!


Many Benefits Come From Reducing your Electricity Usage in Your Apartment Home

Besides saving money, there are many other reasons why conserving electricity is important beyond the impact on your wallet!  Conserving electricity can lower the use of fossil fuels, reduce pollution, and lower the amount of greenhouse gases in our environment.  Some other great reasons to lower your electricity usage are: energy efficiency improves the economy and the quality of life.  By using some of the tips above you can help make the air we breathe a little better and save our precious energy at Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco, TX.

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