It’s Fall Y’all at Old Hickory Apartments in Frisco!

Well it is about time to break out the pumpkin spice. Fall is around the corner, I think we are all pretty excited for cooler weather and pumpkin everything. Good riddance to the 100+ degree heat, hello to the cute scarfs and leggings with boots. Let’s not forget how Starbucks is about to have pumpkin EVERYTHING, yum! Fall is not only a great time to wind down from summer fun; it is the time to prepare for the upcoming holiday cheer. Who doesn’t love the fabulous wardrobe change too? I am positive there are plenty of folks out there just waiting to break out the leggings and boots. Let’s be honest, that is basically the fall favorite. All you have to do is add a cute long shirt and scarf and your outfit is complete.

Fall Favorites at Your Apartments in Frisco

3bf70da8There is so much to do in the fall; hay rides, pumpkin patches and all the delicious baking that will make your apartment here at Old Hickory Square smell so inviting. I remember as a kid helping my grandma in the kitchen making candy apples and pies. Some of the best times can be spent with family baking, watching football and just witnessing all the change that comes with the fall season. It is amazing to watch nature from your patio with your morning coffee, all the leaves changing on the trees is truly beautiful. With all the craziness life can bring, it is nice to sit back and watch the little things. Just take a few back roads one day and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Keep Calm & Crock On at Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco

photo-1441119347983-c9e46b4e369f 1You had better make a spot on your kitchen counter for your crock-pot to stay for a while. Fall is the best time to make a crock-pot your new best friend. There are so many amazing recipes that will take away the stress of planning dinner. Not to mention coming home to Old Hickory Square Apartments in Frisco after working all day and smelling your delicious dinner cooking, Yummy!! You can even pre make crock-pot meals and freeze them then just toss them in the crock-pot when you want it. As far as the next day, you will have some tasty leftovers!

Happy Camper

photo-1414016642750-7fdd78dc33d9 1
Fall is the perfect season for camping. Who doesn’t love a nice getaway and relax? You can even just go right down the road to the lake camp grounds. All you need to do is set up a tent and make a fire. Don’t forget the marshmallows for s’mores, so much fun and delicious! You may just want to spend time with that special someone. How romantic to lie under the stars together. Now that would be a cute date night.

Team Spirit

photo-1417716226287-2f8cd2e80274 1
Football is here! Let’s have a party or tailgate! We have all been waiting for Sunday football. Bring on the food, fun and cheers. You would not believe how much effort goes into making the perfect party; dips, finger foods, drinks and the list continues. Girls don’t forget the nails and accessories to go with your game day jersey. Some people even completely cover their homes in football décor like my brother in law, gifts are easy for him! There are some true fans out there that live for this time of year.

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